Queens Park Marriage Rally

Our greatest strength, unique to CFA, is our ability to mobilize timely, large-scale and effective citizen action on issues of concern to most Canadians. One of our campaigns mobilized a million Canadians to speak out; many other campaigns have generated unprecedented numbers of Canadians to voice their views on key issues.


Some accomplishments include:

  • Led a massive public awareness and political action campaign to lobby the government to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 18, an effort that took seven years and finally culminated in the passage of legislation in February, 2008 that raised it to 16.
  • Pressured the CRTC to stop discriminating against religious broadcasters through a nation-wide campaign, resulting in additional broadcasting licenses.
  • Conducted a national prayer rally, with over 140,000 people attending 220 prayer rallies at MP offices on one day.
  • Organized successful boycotts for policies intolerant of the Christian worldview, including a boycott against RBC that resulted in the reversal of a national policy and a formal apology to CFA from RBC’s senior vice-president (after they lost a significant amount of business.)
  • Led a 700,000 signature petition campaign against child pornography, “one of the largest petition efforts in Canadian history”, according to the Library of Parliament.
  • Mobilized a massive national campaign in support of traditional marriage. CFA will continue to teach and lobby for traditional marriage and defends the man-woman value of marriage because of its proven record of best environment for children.


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