Action Update: March 2016

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Thank you for taking the time to review the March Action Update.  This month we are following up on our commitment to help you communicate with your federal and provincial elected representatives on the issue of the legalization of Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide.

Just a reminder that we are encouraging citizens from coast to coast to coast to get in touch with their federal Members of Parliament and their provincial Members of the Legislative Assemblies.

We need to connect with them for the purpose of sharing our ‘27 point’ document and what we are referring to as ‘necessary components’ of any legislation that legalizes euthanasia in our country.

Of course it is our position that we should not legalize euthanasia however, with the majority federal Liberal government so determined to pass this legislation, we must retrain our focus on establishing in those laws the necessary protections for the vulnerable citizens within the communities that we live.

We believe that if the federal and provincial governments work together to establish in law the 27 points of protection as a MINIMUM we can lessen the risk of harm to persons with disabilities, the mentally ill citizens among us and children who could be killed by the state during moments of weakness and vulnerability.

We also believe we all need to remind our elected representatives that it is their PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY to ensure their safety and security of the citizens they serve within our communities. 

By not establishing in law protections for the vulnerable they will be violating not only their civil responsibilities to the citizens of Canada but also their moral responsibilities.

YOU can reach out!

Please continue to reach out in a respectful way to your local elected representatives and share the ‘necessary components checklist’ with them for any legislation they are considering related to the legalization of euthanasia here in Canada.
  • If you would like to utilize a template letter to communicate with your elected representative please click here.
  • To secure contact information for your Federal MP click here.
  • To secure contact information for your Provincial Representative click here.
  • For a list of the 27 points on the list of ‘Necessary Components’ doc click here.
If you would like to help us expand our reach and connect with more citizens of Canada regarding this issue please consider partnering with us by clicking here.


I want to affirm the family!

As I mentioned in the video above, important policies related to the family are going to be discussed and voted on at the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada Convention scheduled for the last week of May 2016.

Of course, here at Canada Family Action we do not promote any political party above another however we do believe it is important to take action in the following ways;

1. Conservative Party of Canada members - share your views regarding some of the family related policy issues to be voted on at convention, please contact your local Conservative Party Electoral District Association. 
If you need contact information for your local Conservative Party of Canada riding association representative call toll free: 1 (866) 808-8407

To review the existing Conservative Party of Canada Policy Book please click here

If helpful to know…

Health and Social Policy statements that may be considered at the upcoming Convention can be found on pages 24 thru 31.

If you are a party member please don’t hesitate to share your views with your local Conservative party riding association on any of these positions.

2. For all citizens, please contact the Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament that is serving closest to your primary address and let them know that you support party policies that affirm the family and the traditional definition of marriage.

Find contact information here for your Member of Parliament. 

For a complete list of all Conservative Party of Canada Members of Parliament click here.

3. If you are currently a member of the Conservative Party of Canada here are some other policy amendments that you can express your support for when talking to your local conservative association representative click here.

I want to vote!

As we stated earlier, we do not promote or encourage anyone to vote for, or support, any specific political party or candidate however, we do want you to have a say in who will be selected as the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

To purchase a membership that will allow you to vote in next year’s Conservative Party Leadership Election click here.
(My apologies, in the video I suggested it would cost approximately $10.00. It appears however that what you will require is a 2 year membership totally $30.00.  If you want to wait until June 2016 to purchase your one-year membership you can save $5.00 and still be eligible to vote for your choice of Leader in May of 2017)

If helpful to know…

If you do not want to receive fundraising phone calls or mail from the Conservative Party of Canada after join just let them know by calling toll free - 1 (866) 808-8407



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