We are a group of dedicated activists determined to influence public policy. We advocate for family-friendly policies and for keeping Christian principles in Canadian society.

What makes us Different?

ACTION makes CFA different from other groups. A healthy functioning democracy requires the engagement of its citizens. Many people want to influence society but don’t know what to do. CFA provides effective tools that make it easy for ordinary Canadians to take action.

CFA’s mandate is action that effects positive change. For that reason, CFA is not a charity. Charities are severely restricted by Canada’s Revenue Agency policies in regards to political action. Charities may spend a maximum of 10% of their budget on political action, but even then, there are some restrictions as to the type of political action they engage in.

We are a registered not-for-profit corporation.

We are non-partisan, and work to influence politicians of all major parties.

We equip citizens to take back their rightful place as part of the decision-making process of legislatures and parliament, education and parent Boards, and have their voices expressed in media.

Doug Sharpe

President / Executive Director

Doug Sharpe President and Exective Director Photo

Working with Doug Sharpe on the CFA Board of Directors are:

Member – Dr. Charles McVety, ON

Member – Sharon Paterson , BC

Member – Joyce Stigter, AB

Member – Bob Alexander, AB

Member – Ron Crooker, BC

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