Pledge to Defend the Rights of Parents and Children

Dear Friend,



Here in Canada, governments at all levels are ripping away the rights of Christian parents as part of their push to promote their radical, far-left agendas.



A new law passed in Ontario allows the government to forcibly remove kids from their families if their parents refuse to recognize their “gender identity and gender expression.”



This abuse of governmental power is just the latest example of how Canada’s leftists are dead-set on extinguishing Christian values from our nation.



That’s why Canada Family Action is taking a proactive step to protect the rights of parents and children. We’ve published this “Pledge to Defend the Rights of Parents and Children”, which we’ll ask all nominees, candidates and politicians to sign it in weeks and months ahead.



But first, we’re counting on Christians like you to sign–so, when we present this pledge to those who want to serve in government, we can demonstrate that Canadians from coast to coast are standing overwhelmingly behind them.


The liberal left’s war on Christian values has been happening for quite some time–from eliminating Christmas from all public spaces, to their radical positions on abortion, education, gay marriage, and transgender issues.


But it’s different this time.


It’s bad enough that the left has already forced Christianity out of so many public spaces–but now, they’re gunning to rip Christianity out of our private spaces too: commandeering our homes, our families, and the sacred relationship between parent and child.


I believe that you and I, as Christians, can’t let the liberal left dictate the morality, religion, education, and even healthcare decision of our own kids.


I’ll be candid: if we do nothing to respond when laws like the one in Ontario are passed, it might be too late to win this fight. If we’re going to combat this attack on our rights, and defend our rights as parents, we have to fight back immediately.


That why we’re counting on you to sign our pledge right away.


Add your name before we submit this pledge to all 338 members of the House of Commons and the Members of the Legislatures in each of the provinces of Canada–and help us show them that the Canadian people are ready to fight to defend our right to raise our kids.


Thank you for your help, and thank you for standing up for our values and our faith.


God bless you and your family,


Doug Sharpe

President, Canada Family Action

The Pledge

Download printable version (PDF, 79KB)


I pledge to defend the fundamental right of parents to raise their children as they see fit.


These rights include:


1. The right to pass on our religion.
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to freedom of conscience and religion.  As parents, we reserve the right to pass on the teachings of our faith to our children, even when those teachings disagree with the agendas of activist groups and political parties.


2. The right to protect our children’s health.
Civil government has systematically allowed young children to make life-altering medical decisions, on abortion, contraception, and even gender transition—all without the knowledge or consent of parents. Young children often do not understand the consequences of these decisions—and we must empower parents, not children, to decide what’s best.


3. The right to choose our children’s school.
Each child is different, and each family is different. Parents, not the government, should reserve the right to decide how, what, and where our children learn, whether it’s at a public school, at a Christian school, or through homeschooling.


4. The right to instill our values.
Since the dawn of time, parents have taught our children values, morality, and virtue. Parents must have the right to shape the character of our children, and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong—not civil government.


5. The right to teach our children personal responsibility.
In recent years, government has cracked down on common childhood experiences enacting policies that are overprotective or interfere unduly with personal choice. Parents, not civil government, should decide what experiences our children should be allowed to have.

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